2018 Annual Fund Ranks Third Highest in Youth Homes History

Category: Fundraising

Themed “Plus 10: A little more makes a big difference,” our latest annual fund campaign encouraged donors to give 10 percent more than they did last year or would normally give. And donors did not disappoint — they were extremely generous in their contributions to the 2018 annual fund. We received more than $385,000, making the 2018 annual fund campaign the third highest in Youth Homes history! Thank you for contributing a little more in 2018, which will result in positive changes for Youth Homes in 2019. The donations will help Youth Homes staff provide kids and families with more resources, care and support.

2018 Annual Fund Statistics
During the 2018 annual fund, 444 donors gave to the campaign, of which 103 donors contributed more than $500. We are extremely grateful for every cent of every donation and hope to build long-lasting relationships with all donors to make a bigger impact for the youth and families of Iowa. We feel hopeful that we can retain our donors given that over the last 10 years Youth Homes’ donor retention rate is 87 percent.

Changing Lives at Youth Homes
The annual fund contributions go toward care services for at-risk youth and families in Iowa. To put things into perspective, last year we had 440 kids and families who needed help and utilized our services, which means donations help hundreds of at-risk youth and families. These care services include meals for our residential kids, clothing assistance for our independent living youth, treatment services that aren’t covered by insurance, utilities, transportation and overall program support for improving Youth Homes services and quality of life for our youth. The funding also goes toward staff support so they can allocate more time and effort in serving Iowa’s at-risk kids and families.

“We were extremely pleased with this year’s annual fund result. It warms our hearts knowing how many supporters we have and the sincere generosity of all of our donors and board members. We are able to help at-risk families because of the contributions from donors. So we are extremely grateful for them and look forward to continuing our relationship with each and every donor in the future.” — Mike Arndt, Executive Director, Youth Homes

Once again, thank you to all donors who contributed to Youth Homes. You should be proud knowing that your generosity is helping change and rebuild lives in Iowa.