Counseling Center Provides Behavioral Health Therapy Services to Youth in Need

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Often times when a youth is diagnosed with a mental health disorder, the family has no idea what to do and where to turn. That’s why the Counseling Center at Youth Homes exists. The Counseling Center provides behavioral health therapy services at both our Adel and Johnston locations to help youths in need.

Clinical Director and Program Manager Nikki Thomson is devoted to ensuring the center provides a broad range of services to help children. Youth Homes originally began as a residential program, but over the years, Youth Homes has transformed its programming to serve more children and families in the community with both preventative and aftercare services.

“Youth Homes has developed our programming to keep up with the times. Things are moving to a therapeutic approach to help more youth and families in need,” reflects Nikki.

To begin therapy services at the Counseling Center, a child receives an assessment to determine the services necessary for treatment. We have a variety of services and programs to help improve our youth’s lives, including individual, family, group and in-home therapy. We cater programming to the child and family’s needs, and have a program to provide support and advocacy for children and their families as they navigate a mental health diagnosis. Once a treatment protocol is established, therapists at the Counseling Center can help our youths find a path to independence.\

Our Behavioral Health Intervention Services (BHIS) program addresses skill development. Children will focus on developing behaviors such as being respectful, listening and communication, following directions, verbal and physical aggression, decision-making, relationship building and coping skills. We also offer groups to help develop independent living skills for our older youth.

In addition, the Counseling Center has school-based therapy services based in Johnston and Des Moines. “We are very flexible with this service. We can meet at school or we can visit the home to provide a family therapy session,” says Nikki.

We continuously work to provide the best services and resources to our youth so they can get on a path to a successful, fulfilling life.