Youth Homes launches 2018 Annual Fund Campaign

Plus 10 — A Little More Makes a Big Difference

Category: Fundraising

While many kids in Iowa are making their holiday wish lists, Youth Homes is asking you for a gift that could help change lives. You can do some good this holiday season by contributing to the Youth Homes annual fund, which raises money to help at-risk youth and their families. With the help of our annual fund we can stretch our budget a little further, which is why we started our annual fund campaign, Plus 10: A Little More Makes a Big Difference.

Each year, Youth Homes launches our campaign to raise money for the organization. Donations raised are used to fund programming and provide resources and support for our youth and families. In 2017, Youth Homes raised $289,216 in annual fund contributions, and this year, we hope to increase that figure so we can provide kids with even more support.

“The annual fund campaign is Youth Homes biggest fundraiser and it is vital to our mission to help the youth and families we serve,” said Youth Homes Director of Development Brooke Earleywine.

To help increase our donations, Youth Homes asks you to give just 10 percent more than you gave in the past or 10 percent more than you would normally give to support our mission. While this figure is a small addition to your contribution, it makes a big difference for Youth Homes. Your generous contributions help stretch our public funding to provide food and clothing for our residential and independent living clients, treatment services that are not covered by insurance, staff support and additional service needs to enhance treatment programs.

“What motivates us here at Youth Homes is to see the lives of who we serve and have served become successful and independent. We want to see more success stories, that’s why we need your help so we can provide these children with the resources and support they need to reach their potential,” said Brooke.

Youth Homes has been helping at-risk children and families in Iowa for 76 years and continues to stayed rooted in its foundation — providing programs and resources that provide troubled youth and their families a path to independence.