Youth Homes Welcomes New, Revamped Library on Campus

New Library with Creative Learning Space Fosters Young Minds at Youth Homes

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Sometimes all you need is a good book to relieve stress, escape reality and inspire you to dream. Books have the power to change, inspire and flourish our minds, especially for children. Most youth experience the privilege of having bedtime stories read to them, taking trips to the library to ignite their imaginations and having access to books in their homes. However, residents at Youth Homes didn’t have that same access. The organization had only a small space with few books, all of which were outdated and worn out. It wasn’t nearly enough to give these kids what they have a right to — access to quality books and a creative reading space.

Fortunately, New Chapters: Libraries for At-Risk Youth, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building library spaces for youth residential treatment facilities, understood that the kids at Youth Homes were lacking an essential element to success. So the organization donated their time and effort to completely renovate the outdated library. Residents now have access to a library filled with rows of books, small tables and chairs, and a conference room. The space was made possible because of the staff and volunteers at New Chapters who custom built the library and stocked it with more than 400 books, all of which are popular and relevant to the kids’ interests.

Stacie Palmer, founder of New Chapters, wanted to provide Youth Home residents a library space where they can explore their creative minds while stocking the shelves with books the kids have a keen interest in. “We want something that will excite them, not just some donated book that somebody didn’t want on their shelves anymore,” Palmer says. “You can’t just tell them to read. You have to find something that they’re interested in.”

New Chapters hopes to increase the number of books from 400 to more than 1,000! Youth Homes is incredibly grateful for New Chapters’ generous contributions in providing our youth with valuable books and a library space to nourish their minds and ignite their creativity.