Youth Homes exists today to fulfill the need for child welfare services in Iowa. As long as that need exists, we will strive for maximum development of our present programs and thoughtful use of our present resources to meet the needs of each individual youth and family that we serve.

In order to do this, services are family-focused and designed to build on the strengths of youth and their families. They are intended to enhance the family’s ability to regain and retain functionality and promote safety, well-being and permanency. Connecting youth and families to resources in their own communities and to informal support systems that may or may not have already been identified allows them opportunities for success they may not have had otherwise.

At Youth Homes, we pride ourselves on decades of committed service and on an extraordinary history during which we have shown an impressive ability to change as needed while remaining true to our core values and beliefs. We have an outstanding reputation for providing high-quality services for some of Iowa’s most difficult youth. Department of Human Services and Juvenile Court workers consistently request placement at Youth Homes for children in need of our unique programming. We are confident that our stakeholders, referring workers, families, youth and others involved with our program will agree that our values of compassion, relationships and tenacity are evident in the work that we do.