Here are just a few of the many ways you can help support our mission.

Cash — cash is the most immediate method of supporting our mission.

Stocks — for many people, the gift of appreciated stock is the most tax friendly method of giving.

Gift Certificates — stores like Target, Sears, Dahl's, Subway, Hobby Lobby, etc., give the staff options for the purchase of clothing, food and other necessary items for our clients.

Winter Coats — every year we must provide new and gently used coats to many clients who would otherwise go without adequate winter wear.

Books — Age appropriate books for teenagers are a great way to help us stock our new cottages with reading material.

Time — many of our clients are searching for what to do in their next steps towards adulthood. Our staff can match you up with a young client for an hour, a day or longer. These visits can go a long way to help a young person who does not have the benefit of a caring adult in their lives to help them make positive choices and decisions.

Event Tickets — a night out at a sporting event, a production at the Des Moines Play House, or the Civic Center are welcome ways to reward our youth with a special night of their own.

Startup Items — items to help stock the apartments of clients entering our apartment based or independent living programs including: dishes, towels, bedding, alarm clocks, cleaning supplies, toiletries, paper products and other household necessities.