2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

Welcome Youth Homes staff and supporters!

"The pandemic has certainly created some difficult dilemmas, but it has also pushed us to develop some creative solutions. Thank you for joining us for our 2020 Annual Meeting (virtual style)! If you’re here, you know our Annual Meeting serves the purpose of celebration and recharge for the entire Youth Homes family — and we hope this year is no different in that regard. Being unable to gather together in person, we decided we would follow the current norm and gather together online. Please join us in celebrating the amazing work of our staff, our community, and our kids and families. We’re all in this together!"

— Chris Koepplin

2020 Staff Service Awards

Three Years — Brad Dove

Five Years — Jozie Morgan, Nikki Thomson, Jay Fresh

Ten Years — Nichole Ortiz

Twenty Years — Lou Chapman, Carol Hildreth

Twenty-Five Years — Deb Raber

Exceptional Staff Award

Kyrea Kass

Friend of Youth Awards

Johnston Schools

Trebilcock Family

Outstanding Youth Award

Jeff Orr