Posted on: 12/15/2020

Youth Homes of Mid-America has received a $4,500.00 grant from Variety – the Children’s Charity purchase sensory items for our new program Neurodevelopmental and Co-Morbid Conditions (NACC). This population has been identified for quite some time as the most difficult to serve in foster group care services across the state. Youth with cognitive obstacles who have lived in settings without the resources to help them effectively, have often developed extreme behaviors that keep kids from living in family settings and are very difficult to manage in “typical” group living settings.

Youth Homes which is celebrating its 78th anniversary, is a nonprofit organization serving youth and families with behavioral, emotional and educational difficulties. This grant from Variety – the Children’s Charity allows Youth Homes to fulfill its mission of providing troubled youth and their families a path to independence.

The Variety – the Children’s Charity grant, allows these youth, with sensory items that will be put in what we considered “safe” spaces, and are designed to provide a place for individuals with sensory issues to decompress and confront the problem in a way that will ultimately help them learn to cope with seemingly normal experiences. These spaces are designed to help an individual with sensory disorders learn to regulate their brain’s negative reactions to external stimuli with coping skills for these experiences. In some cases, it may be a whole room, or it can simply be a space set aside in a corner of a larger room. Individuals within this program struggle to learn how to cope with the world around them. Loud noises, bright lights, rough patterns or foods with unwelcome textures are just some of the things that can cause distress.

Variety – the Children’s Charity is dedicated to improving the lives of children who are at-risk, underprivileged, critically ill or living with special needs. Grant funding is provided to programs and initiatives that directly impact the well-being of children. For more information on Variety grants and programs please visit

About Youth Homes of Mid-America

Youth Homes of Mid-America is a non-profit social service agency serving both young men and young women that offers individualized programs and services for children and families with behavioral, emotional, and educational difficulties. YHMA maintains a focus on strengthening family life, re-establishing the self-worth of the individual, and teaching basic skills for living in the community.  YHMA has been providing services to Iowa youth and families since 1943.

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