The purpose of our Behavioral Health Intervention Services (BHIS) program is to provide skill development services to youth and their families dealing with a mental health diagnosis. We provide skill development in areas such as conflict resolution, problem solving, social skills, interpersonal relationships, communication, cognitive flexibility, emotional vocabulary and emotional regulation. Treatment can assist troubled youth and families to address emotions, behaviors and functioning issues in their daily lives, assisting them on their path to independence. Our array of BHIS services includes:

Individual BHIS: Through the assessment or individual therapy process, therapists may identify a need for skill development. In that case, counselors are assigned to provide this service using teaching techniques and practicing through roleplays, modeling, discussion, etc.

Group BHIS: When groups of youth are experiencing the same symptoms, behavior difficulties or other similar issues, our counselors can form a group to address these issues in a way that can benefit all of those youth through group activities. Therapists and counselors will identify these needs through the individual sessions they have with youth on their caseload.

Family BHIS:A family therapist may identify skill development needs of youth and families. When these needs are identified, counselors will provide family BHIS to assist with the development of skills needed to regain or improve functioning in the home.