The Children’s Mental Health Waiver program provides family and community support (FCS) services and in-home family therapy (IHFT) to youth and their families dealing with a serious emotional disturbance diagnosis.

FCS includes a variety of activities and interventions, such as modeling and practicing effective coping strategies, building resilience to the stigma of serious emotional disturbance, developing positive relationships with peers and community members, modeling and practicing interventions in the crisis plan, developing medication management skills, developing personal hygiene and grooming skills, and practicing appropriate and positive socialization in the community. FCS does not include vocational services, prevocational services, supported employment services, room and board, academic services or general supervision and care.

IHFT supports the family through development of coping strategies that will enable the youth to continue living within the family environment. The goal of IHFT is to maintain a cohesive family unit. IHFT is exclusive of individual, family or other mental health therapy that the youth may receive.