The first step in Youth Homes’ therapy services is a comprehensive behavioral health assessment. The assessment will address many areas of a youth and family’s life, including potential stressors, health issues, education, employment, social interactions, peer interactions, legal concerns, substance abuse, behavior issues, symptoms and more. The assessment will assist the therapist in developing a treatment plan with the youth and family.

After an assessment, clients are assigned to an individual therapist who identifies the frequency needed to optimally address symptoms and issues. Individual therapy may be provided to the youth and any family members as appropriate.

When groups of youth are experiencing the same symptoms, behavior difficulties or other similar issues, it is possible that our therapists can put together a group to address these issues in a way that can benefit every person through sharing experiences, emotions and perceptions. Therapists will identify these needs through the individual sessions with youth.

Youth Homes also has family therapists who provide regularly scheduled family sessions to address beliefs, emotions, attitudes and perceptions affecting the family as a whole. The therapist may work with the biological, adoptive or foster family.