The purpose of Youth Homes’ Transitional & Independent Living Programs is to provide care and services to adolescents ages 16–18 who are not able to return to or live in their family’s home or another home setting for a variety of reasons. The program provides less structure and supervision than residential treatment with services and supports aimed at preparing youth for self-sufficiency. Our array of services include basic and daily living services, life skills training, therapy services, psychiatric and psychological care, educational services, recreational services, health care, religious and cultural services and specialized services.

There are two settings in which youth can participate in the Independent Living program — Cluster Site and Scattered Site. In addition to our Independent Living program, we also have a Preparation for Adult Living Program (PAL). Learn more about each program below.

Cluster Site Supervised Apartment Living

The Cluster Site Supervised Apartment Living (SAL) program includes 18 beds for boys and girls ages 16.5 and older. We have recently expanded the program and have two locations-at the Ross Campus in Johnston and at the Richard O. Jacobson Transitional Living Center in south Des Moines. Youth are expected to have successfully completed a pre-independent living program of some kind, preferably on our Ross Campus, prior to being admitted to the program.

Scattered Site Supervised Apartment Living

The Scattered Site Supervised Apartment Living program is for youth ages 17 and up and consists of counselors working with youth living in their own apartments in the Des Moines metro area and surrounding communities.

Preparation for Adult Living (PAL)

The purpose of our Preparation for Adult Living (PAL) program is to help young adults achieve self-sufficiency and assure that they recognize and accept their personal responsibility to prepare for and transition from adolescence to adulthood.